Highlights from nature

The charm of the original

A stream that rises wildly and romantically in a rock garden, geological creations that for centuries have captured the imagination through their shapes, a landscape whose charm lies in its unspoilt nature.

Go on an exciting journey through nature, get involved in the world of the old Bavarian cultural landscape, rural and full of natural treasures.

In the district of Rottal-Inn these are for example the crocodile rock near Asenham, the ring avenue around the historic town centre of Pfarrkirchen, the Kaser Steinstube, the stony Rössl and many more


Ameringgraben near Kirn

Ice age glacial masses once exposed this rock labyrinth, which today forms the primeval landscape on the edge of the Kirner Valley

Our beautiful landscape with its magnificent nature is our greatest asset. Many parts have therefore been placed under special protection, designated as natural monuments. They are "individual creations of nature", which are of public interest because of their beauty, their ecological significance or their special character.


Crocodile rock near Bad Birnbach

Crocodile stone made from gompholite, a crocodile-like stone protruding from the field.

Kaser stone room near Triftern

Accumulation of mighty blocks of rock. The block stream originated during the Quaternary at the edge of a plateau. As a result of erosion, the hard quartz conglomerate there broke up into blocks, which migrated down the slope due to soil flow.

Bürgerwald Eggenfelden

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