Project for cross-border traffic

The district of Rottal-Inn has a border with Austria in the south with the river Inn as a natural border. Between the southern district and the area of Braunau am Inn with its surroundings there are many kinds of interdependencies: Working, shopping, going to school, spending leisure time, visiting family and acquaintances and much more. The population moves very often from one side of the border to the other.



While the district of Rottal-Inn is amply supplied with puplic transport – at least at main hours during school run and commute , there are hardly any cross-border connections, apart from the train connection between Simbach and Braunau. This why  a better connection of the southern communities (mainly Julbach, Kirchdorf a. Inn, Simbach a. Inn, Stubenberg und Ering) and the area of Braunau a. Inn (mostly the communities Braunau, Burgkirchen, Neukirchen an der Enknach and St. Peter am Hart) has been planned for quite some time.

Increased mobility for rural living citizens

This is why the district of Rottal-Inn takes part in the Interreg-Project RegiaMobil, where a total of eleven parterns from seven countries are involved. The entire project is supported with 1.367.371,80 Euro EU funding.

RegiaMobil aims at increasing the mobility of rural living citizens through intelligent public transport solutions and therefore improving their access to european and national transportation network.

To accomplish this RegiaMobil uses the results of four Interreg-Projects in central europe (Rumobil, SubNodes, Shareplace, Connect2CE). This approach is implimented through six pilot projects, that are supposed to demostrate the transferability and added value of intelligent public transsport approaches for improved mobility services in rural areas, as well as through two action plans, that show how the transnational strategy provided by the Rumobil project can be applied by other regional public authorities , that are responsible for the planning and execution of public transport.

Pilot project: corss border on demand bus

One oft he six pilot projects that was supposed to  be realised here in Rottal-Inn was the cross border on demand bus.

First steps ofn this cross border pilot project were supposed to be started in 2020, but  Corona pandemic made this impossible. This project needs mobility, meeting, shopping and much more for it to work – everything that was quite restricted and almost non-existent during corona times. Also the pilot project cannot be implemented due to the limited project duration which ends in March 2022.

Nevertheless, as part of „RegiaMobil“ a concept will be developed that can used for similar procet in the future.

The district of Rottal-Inn commissioned the department of innovative traffic concepts of the DB Regio Bus with the analysis and design of possible solutions.